In a World Starved for Love, Kindness Is Mistaken As Fliration

I love hearing people’s stories.

Their lives lived are a source of entertainment, wonderment, and lessons learned. When I meet someone new, I act like a biographer seeking new discoveries through every conversation I have.

Each person is an example of living history and I’m eager to open their book and read their pages.

Little did I know that some people have no one who’s interested in them…

Some people have no one to listen to them. Some people have no one to ask them questions. And sadly, my interest in them as a human being is often mistaken as romantic interest.

I simply exhibit the fruit of the spirit in every encounter…

I treat people with kindness, love, patience, and goodness. People have shared things with me that they have not shared openly before. I often hear:

You have a sense of peace around you and I don’t feel judged.”

I’m sorry that so many are so starved for attention and companionship…

Just note that I hunger for your wisdom and my curiosity is eager to consume it. I’m not into you THAT way 😜

Originally posted on Instagram