Why the Obamacare Website Didn’t Matter to Silicon Valley’s Smartest & Brightest

Why didn’t we get the smartest minds from Silicon Valley to build the Obamacare website, a congressman asked the panel looking into the failed launched of the Affordable Care website.

I’ll tell you why. 

Silicon Valley is filled with innovators.

They’re not sitting around waiting for the government to issue request for proposals (RFP) so they can submit a 50-page document only to wait 2-years until the government finally makes a decision on who to award the contract to.

What the brightest and smartest minds in Silicon Valley are doing is writing 5-page business plans to present in front of millionaire investors so they can build the app that integrates nicely into Facebook, Google or Yahoo.

Silicon Valley isn’t looking to build websites; they’re looking to sell social influencers.

And that’s why the brightest and smartest minds aren’t wasting their time with government websites.