Why Overgiving Is So Dangerous to Your Clients, Cashflow & Confidence

In my work helping clients reframe sales, I’ve come to understand that there’s one thing holding them back.

No, it’s not the money.

No, it’s not a bad sales experience.

It’s not even fear.

The reason why so many of my clients tend to do poorly at sales is because of their need to overgive.

Yes, overgiving is the culprit…

Most of my clients tend to want to help and heal, but they don’t know when to stop giving. They overgive to the point where they overwhelm.

As a recovering overgiver myself, I totally understand…

I’d overgive in my coaching programs and my sales, my success and my confidence suffered.

I’d then become angry and frustrated because I’d give so much and in return, my clients would seek out another coach.

I recently shared in a speech the dangers of overgiving…

I pulled a small clip from my keynote address called The Art of Expressing a Spirit Rich No and I’m sharing it below.

You’ll learn the ways overgiving is killing your cashflow and confidence. You’ll also learn what most female coaches **think** overgiving is and why this mistake is costing them BIG.

What say you?

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