The #NOMOChallenge – Why I’m Doing It

Why am I seeing his pulled pork masterpiece in my newsfeed again? I wondered to myself.

About four days earlier, a friend in my friends’ list posted a photo of the piece of pork he grilled on his barbeque. Four days later, it was still showing up in my Facebook newsfeed.

I was irritated because although the rump looked yummy, I don’t eat pork!

And if Facebook is designed to show you what’s relevant (and no longer what’s most recent), then it was violating my choice to practice porkism (my prejudice against pork).

As I continued to scroll through my newsfeed, all I was seeing were photos and videos that I had already seen a day or two earlier.

  • Pictures from the graduation of my friend’s son. The ceremony happened a week earlier, yet the pictures kept showing up.
  • Another friend who was showing off her new shades as she was on her way to church. Two days ago.
  • My friend’s fridge packed with nothing but fruits and vegetables because his household is going meat-free. That photo has been showing up in my newsfeed for three days straight.
  • A wife’s very glorious happy birthday greeting to her husband which stayed visible in my newsfeed for three days.
  • Another friend who posted a selfie while on vacation that clung to my newsfeed for four days.
  • “Kim Kardashian made Jamaican food” article a friend posted that stayed visible in my newsfeed for 48-hours.
  • “Transform your life without putting on your pants.” Whatever that means.
  • And countless Facebook ads on how to run Facebook ads.

Like a broken record, my newsfeed was stuck on repeat…

I was seeing the same stuff that I had seen three, four days earlier. Either I needed to stop checking Facebook that often (which was several times per hour), or get new friends.

So, at 10am that morning, I said to myself:

“Self, there’s nothing new here. You’re not missing out.”

I’m on a 21-day journey to practice #NOMO…

From this point forward, I’m practicing #NOMO daily because frankly my dear, I’m not missing out.

FOMO is fear of missing out.

For me, it NOMO which is not missing out (see what I did there – see the play on words?).

I define NOMO as:

A longing to recapture your own identity and resume your own interests after viewing repetitive posts of friends on social media websites.

I’m going from checking Facebook several times per hour to once, no more than 60-minutes, every 24-hours…

I’m doing this for 21 workdays to see if my productivity improves. I started on July 6 and will end on August 4.

Yes, that’s more than 21-days, but I’m not including weekends as I’m not usually active on Facebook on Saturday or Sunday. Just weekdays.

If you want to join me, add #NOMO to your updates using your favourite social media tool. Whichever one holds your attention, that’s the social media platform you should fast from.

You should also:

  • Delete the app from your device
  • Choose a 60-minute period each day when you will get caught up
  • Declare the date you’ll start and end your personal #NOMO challenge
  • Ask your friends to hold you accountable should they notice any activity from you outside your 60-minute window

Who’s joining me?