The Cultural Condition of Scarcity

The cultural condition of scarcity tells us that there is not enough to go around. You believe this lie because you were exposed to scarcity very early.

The scarcity of your father’s love, attention and presence.

The emptiness of not having your father around.

How do you know you’re trapped in the cycle of lack? You’re feeling…

  • inadequate
  • unworthy
  • unloved
  • stupid
  • unloved
  • critical of yourself
  • a lack of purpose
  • a sense of low self-esteem

The mindset of not enough haunts everyone.

But the lack mentality clouds your thinking…

It messes with your decisions.

And because you believe in the scarcity myth, you…

  • Obsess about a past love, wishing he would come back to you, even though he treated you like shit
  • Stay with a man who abuses you mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Put up with a man who consistently cheats on you, says sorry, then cheats on you again
  • Give your body to men way too early in the dating relationship
  • Work with clients who are low paying, over-demanding and don’t do their assignments
  • Let that family member, friend, or colleague diminish your gifts and God-given potential
  • Cover for a co-worker who is not pulling their weight
  • Settle with a job where you’re under-paid, over-worked and under-appreciated
  • Hide your beauty behind frumpy clothes, frazzled hair and frayed emotions.
  • Or, expose your feminine parts through clothes that are too tight or not appropriate for your age
  • Let others talk you out of your dreams and goals

All because the cult of scarcity says that that’s the only job you’ll ever have…

That that’s the only man who’ll ever pay attention to you.

That they will be the only clients you’ll ever have.

That they will be the only friends or colleagues you’ll ever associate with.

It’s a lie.

There will be another job. A better job.

There will be better clients.

There will be other men. A better guy. And just one. And yes, you will be someone’s wife one day.

There will be another circle of friends and colleagues. Even better ones.

And all these things will come along and be better than anything you could’ve ever imagined.

Because God’s got your back…

The Most High exists in a place that is limitless, boundless and abundant. This is the language of sufficiency.

And since God has claimed you, yes, you are enough!

And because you are enough, it’s okay to let go of what is no longer serving you and release those who don’t have your best interests at heart.