What Organist Shoes Can Teach Us About Getting Focused

When I play the organ’s foot pedals, I play barefoot. So, I was surprised that there are special shoes you can wear to play the organ’s foot pedals.

The picture above shows that the organ shoes are designed in such a way to help the organist be more effective while playing…

  • The sole has grip, but it also allows the foot to slide.
  • It’s made out of sturdy leather, but it has to be light enough so the organist can still feel the pedals through her toes.
  • And because the organ shoes are only used while playing the organ, it doesn’t transfer any grit or grim that could damage the foot pedals.

These shoes have a specific purpose…

Are you as focused as a pair of organ shoes? In other words, are you super clear on what function you play? And, like a pair of organ shoes, do you perform that function only? Or, are you trying to be a pair of walking shoes when you were only designed to function at the organ? In other words, are you using what you’re gifted to do, but for the wrong function? For the wrong audience? For the wrong season in your life?

Reflect on this for a moment and post your response below. 

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