Naomi wasn’t mad, nor did she wear a mask

Naomi wasn’t mad at God for losing her husband and two sons while living in Moab. Instead of blaming God, she decided to return home to rejoin her God-fearing relatives after being away from Bethlehem for 10+ years.

But Naomi didn’t hide her gloom. When her relatives saw her, Naomi said “Call me Mara,” (which means bitter).

Naomi decided not to wear a mask in the midst of her chaos…

She could’ve easily smiled and said:

Everything’s good. God is so good.

And then go off to suffer in silence. But, she didn’t do that. She decided that she would not hide her bitterness. Even though she accepted her plight, she didn’t let the mayhem mask her mourning.

When will you be like Naomi and stop wearing a mask so you can finally break-free of your confusion?