Meet Leesa

Hi, my name is Leesa…

leesa-smiling-leapAlthough it’s spelled L-E-E-S-A, it’s pronounced Lisa, and NOT Leeza or Liza. In a nutshell, I help female business owners create consistent cashflow with ease!

I’ve been told that my teaching style is a combination of Michelle Obama’s elegance, Tina Fey’s quirkiness and Joyce Meyer’s preachiness. I know, it’s a weird combination, but since I’m fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image, this odd mix exists in me for a reason. And I embrace it.

But first, let me tell you how I became a money mindset mentor to female business owners.

My first experience as a business owner was a scratch and sniff sticker business I launched when I was 9 years old.

stickerIt lasted 2-weeks. My only goal was to make enough money to cover my expenses and use whatever was left over to buy candy at the local convenience store.

I loved the independence that money gave me. Once I got older, I worked for others in order to generate cash. I delivered papers, I flipped burgers and I even worked as a telemarketer for a hot minute.

Even though I worked for others, I always looked for ways to run a business “on the side” so I could have extra cash. That way, I could pay my bills, but still have enough left over to spend on the things that brought me joy, such as tasty foods, long road trips with family members and cassette tapes (KRS-One, MC Lyte and U2 were my fav).

That’s the one thing I was always good at – spending loads of money on the things I enjoy. 

moneyAs I got older, my spending habits didn’t change. Yes, I tried to save money, but my hobbies, interests and many business ideas always drained my bank accounts and racked up my credit cards.

When I graduated from university with $30,000 in debt, I did everything to pay it off quickly.  I launched yet another business on the side and I worked full-time at a software start-up company.

The stability of a full-time job and the online magazine I operated on the side helped me pay off my student loan in 7-years. I jumped for joy when I got the last statement from the bank showing nothing but zero dollars.

Then I was laid off. Reduced in force. Pink slipped. And those sneaky old money habits crept back in.

upset-customersI spent eight months looking for another job. I was frustrated at going to interview after interview only to hear nothing back. I then started my own technology consulting business. I was happy that I could now focus on my own endeavour full-time.

On the outside, I looked like a successful business owner. I won awards, I spoke at many conferences and I was quoted in the media. In reality, I attracted opportunities that paid me little to nothing. And I was too “nice” to ask for the fees that I was worth. When a prospect said “That’s it? I thought it’d be way more,” I cringed inside.

I was spending more than I was taking in. In just 12-months, I went from $2,000 to $50,000 in debt. My home had become toxic. I was behind on every bill, including rent.

I considered bankruptcy. I consulted with a trustee. As we talked, I started to cry. I was heartbroken. I felt like a failure. The trustee patted my hand and said “Leesa, you’re more than this money.”

That’s when I realized my problem – I tied my identity, my self-worth and my status to money. 

leesa-speaking-handsupThose words from the trustee were my wake-up call. Instead of filing for bankruptcy, I moved back home. That was the first step in stopping the vicious cycle of spending more than I make.

I got rid of all my credit cards and today, I still don’t own one. I started to attack my debt, treating it with the same tenacity as I did with my student loan.

But I knew that if I wanted long-term results, I couldn’t do it alone.

I attended a 3-day money intensive seminar. There I learned what was holding me back. I uncovered my own self-sabotaging beliefs about money and why I made the choices I did. Part of this discovery was understanding how my past thinking affected my self-worth and value.

In that 3-day period, I cried, I healed and I was able to let go of the money drama that had plagued my life and business for so long.

It was around this time that I renewed my relationship with God. I finally understood that my value and self-worth is tied to God and not to this thing called money.

My work as an online marketing specialist so prepared me for my calling as a money mindset teacher.


I was surprised to see so many of my coaching and consulting clients struggle with money. It was easy teaching my clients how to use a podcast, a blog, a telesummit or a webinar to go from unknown to well-known. I wrote a few books on these very topics.

What was harder was breaking through their limiting beliefs. Some would unconsciously sabotage the launch of their online marketing campaign because they feared being successful, or failing, or being in the spotlight. These fears paralyzed their ability to make money.

I spent most of my time coaching my clients on shifting their mindset around pricing, sales and self-promotion. I used the same techniques with my clients that I’ve used since 2008 to end the money drama.

Once the pattern of self-sabotage was broken, my clients were able to move forward and step into their brilliance in a bold, powerful and courageous way.

Are you a female business owner who’s ready to create consistent cashflow…with ease?

If you’ve said “Yes!” I’m here to help. Click on the button below to find out how I can inspire you, your association, your church, your corporation, or your conference to unleash the flow of money.