Why You May Be Tempted to Unleash a #MamaPope Inspired Rant But Can’t

Maya Lewis, the mother of Olivia Pope on the award-winning television program called Scandal, laid it all on the line when she unleashed a soul-ridden rant. Here’s the almost two-minute monologue by Mama Pope (played by Khandi Alexander).

The monologue really resonated with viewers. Here are just some of the reactions to what’s known simply as Mama Pope’s Rant:

Like Maya, I bet that you really want to gather an audience and express your frustration, unfiltered, over being there for everyone all the time…

But unlike Mama Pope, you’re not starring on an award-winning television show. You’re not going to get an award if you go on a rant. No one is going to write articles saying that your words were refreshing.

Instead, you fear that if you lash out with a frustration-filled monologue, you’ll:

  • Harm your relationships
  • Lose out on future opportunities
  • Miss out on important information
  • Or, be excluded from the groups you care about.

Or, maybe you’re not really worried about others…

Perhaps it’s all internal. You’re nervous about confronting the shame over your past mistakes, the embarrassment that you really don’t know what you’re doing, or the fear that if you express how you truly feel, you’ll end up alone.

The burden of this inner chaos is heavy. What can you do to end it?

Write. And write some more.

Whether you’re shy, introverted, or just feeling guilty about past decisions, writing can help you heal.

Getting up early to write helps you to work on you during a time of day when there’s very little distractions.

Otherwise known as expressive writing, you give yourself permission to write what’s deep down in your soul without editing or censoring yourself.

You uncover why it’s so hard to speak up about your needs and understand what it is you truly stand for.

Join the 21-Day Write Early Challenge. You’ll join me and dozens of others who are using expressive writing to hear what their soul is trying to say. Click here to find out when the next one starts.