#JimCarrey Isn’t Crazy; He’s #Woke

Jim Carrey is being called bizarre based on the interview above. Many are questioning his mental state; but what most don’t understand is that Jim is simply woke.

And which introvert hasn’t felt that way?

You’re in some social situation, the conversation is low brow, pedestrian, boring.

To prevent yourself from plucking your eyes out, you share something that’s enlightening, intelligent, and, perhaps, life changing.

And it’s like you just sucked the air out of the room.

No one responds.

Because what you’ve just said is beyond the mental capacity of anyone standing there with their flutes sipping on Yellow Duck listening to Bruno Mars. You’re woke the shit up and everyone else is still trapped in the Matrix.

And then you realize, in that moment, that you should have never left your living room.

Any introvert can feel the mediocrity in the air when entering a social situation. You can feel it. It’s like you’re above the room. All the pretentious talk about cars, clothes, and dropping names like it’s some big deal.

And all you can think about is that you still don’t know what happened to Howland Reed, nor are you entirely clear why Lord Baelish did not live on the lands of the now extinct House Harrenhal. That search is open on your laptop at home and now, you’re wasting your time at this meaningless shindig.

The comfort of satisfying your jumpy, curious mind vs standing there listening to someone brag that their husband was promoted by someone who the others think is a big deal.

I’m certain the stress of attending a meaningless event was enough to make Jim Carrey say what he did so that people would leave him alone and finally understand why he left the party.

He’s depressed, they said.

He’s suffering from mental illness, they said.

He’s not over the suicide of his girlfriend, they said.

Naw, Jim is woke.

Or, he’s pulling a Joaquin Phoenix and is feigning this bizarre behaviour to promote his upcoming film.

I don’t know.

But I’ll tell you this – Jim ain’t crazy.

He IS colour.

I don’t know what painting is teaching me. I know that it frees me. Free from the future, free from the past, free from regret, free from worry.” – Jim Carrey