When Ideologies Divide, It’s Time for Reconciliation, Not Reconstruction

Ideology is the thing that divides the American people.

Some countries go to war over land. Others go to war over resources. When America goes to war, it’s to protect its ideology. Because to Americans, their lifestyle is reflected by what they believe. And these values must be protected at all cost.

Let’s take a look back:

  • In 1776, Americans fought the British for their right to govern themselves independently, otherwise known as the War of Independence.
  • Ninety-years later, in 1867, Americans fought each other for the right to decide how to govern their regions, otherwise known as the Civil War in which brother fought against brother.
  • In both World Wars, America fought, again, for its right to protect its independence against tyranny.

After a period of fighting, America enters a period of reconstruction…

A time to rebuild its battered economy and reshape its battered institutions. To find out how to protect its independence differently so they never go to war again.

Americans have been fighting a war of ideologies for the past few years…

The choice between who will lead their country has been entertaining to watch. However, it’s also come with consequences. And as the new person takes office, the fighting will continue. America’s shadow will become even more visible – and ugly.

And then exhaustion will set in; so too will a desire to never let this happen again…

I predict that by 2023, when America goes to pick its new president, there will be calls for Americans to come together and heal from their historical past once and for all.

Because Clinton’s gender will be under consistent attack throughout her entire presidency, there will be a tipping point that will ignite both men and women to make changes for future generations. And I predict that a Millennial, who will now be in his or her late 30s, will be the one to say “Enough!” as they’re not interested in living in the same sexist, misogynist, racist, or homophobic America as their grandparents and parents (boomers / Gen Xers).

A period of reconciliation will begin where Americans will come together and talk about the pain of being misunderstood.

  • Those who have descended from the oppressed will speak about their pain.
  • And those who have descended from the oppressor will speak of theirs.

Both sides will finally listen to each other…

This period of reconciliation will last an entire generation. Because after the talking, venting, and listening, it’ll be time for action.

Following the example of Germany and South Africa, America will usher in changes led by Millennials who, by this point, will be in influential positions throughout the United States.

The implementation of these changes will create a more empathetic America. It will influence school curriculum, social media etiquette, media reporting, government, and HR policies in companies. Millennials will enthusiastically spearhead these changes until they start retiring in 2050.

The goal is not perfection…

The aim is to allow Americans to co-exist no matter their ideologies and create a society where differences will be appreciated and understood, instead of mocked or ridiculed.

The 2016 election campaign will be held up as an example of when American almost became not-so-great, and there will be a collective sigh of relief looking back at the mess they collectively avoided.