Toronto Artist Features African-Canadian #HiddenFigures in #STEAM and #STEM in 2017 #BlackHistoryMonth Legacy Poster

After watching the movie Hidden Figures, which was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Picture category, I was reminded about how tough and rewarding it can be for Black women in a STEM-related career (STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math).

The day after viewing the movie, I got a big ol’ package in the mail…

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What I Learned from a Gorgeous Pair of #Heels

I hate buying shoes. 

Nothing ever fits…

I have size 11 feet and it’s really irritating trying to go shoe shopping. I find a style I like, but they don’t have my size. Or, they have a size 11, but it’s too tight, too narrow, or just pain ugly.

The next thing I hate about shoe shopping is when the salesperson hovers!

I’ve dealt with so much disappointment that I don’t need the salesperson lording over me as I try to squeeze my foot into the shoe. Like, go away!

Over the year, I’ve learned to shop for shoes according to the sticker, and not the style…

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Yes, Failure Is an Option – #failyourwaytosuccess

I’ve been the founder or co-founder of a few movements.

I’ve created many products.

I’ve written a few books. Seven of them, to be exact.

Despite these successes, here’s what people don’t see…

What people don’t see is that I was told that with a history degree, my only career options would be teaching, law, or research.

And I failed at my attempt to become all three.

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The Biggest Leadership Lesson I Learned in 2016

After spending a few hours at a friend’s house playing dominoes on New Year’s Day, my friend asked me to drop a young lady home.

I said “Yes”, but only if she didn’t talk to me…

I was already grumpy that I was out late. I was equally grumpy that I hadn’t gotten over my stomach flu and was feeling queasy. And instead of a peaceful ride home, I now had to talk to someone for 30-minutes.

But I ended up having one of the best conversations that night…

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The Rise of the Digital Curator

Otherwise known as a content curation, content curator, or digital curation, the Digital Curator is a role that will become is important to a company or brand’s marketing department.

What is a Digital Curator?

First, I like the term Digital Curator over Content Curator because the former speaks to more than just content, but is specific to data that’s being generated digitally.

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Innovation Myth #4 – “I Don’t Have Any Original Ideas”

No idea is original. None. Whatever you’re thinking of, someone else is also thinking of it.

Inventions are original ideas. Think the lightbulb, the disposable razor, and the game of basketball.

But we’re not talking about inventions…

We’re talking about innovation. Innovation is the improvement of original ideas. And you, me, those in the back, in the middle, and in the front all have the same ideas.

Let me illustrate…

In 2004, I had a “rent your home’s parking spot” idea…

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Innovation Myth #3 – “Only White People, Millennials, or Rich Folks Can Innovate”

Some think that innovation can only be initiated by those who have the privilege to do so. If you’re white, or young, or rich, then you have the advantage to be a disrupter.

Think about it…

Who founded Facebook? A young white man. Who founded Apple or Microsoft? Young white men. Think of any great innovation and chances are, the person behind the idea is white, or young, or (perceived to be) wealthy.

You can’t blame people for thinking this way…

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