Why You May Be Tempted to Unleash a #MamaPope Inspired Rant But Can’t

Maya Lewis, the mother of Olivia Pope on the award-winning television program called Scandal, laid it all on the line when she unleashed a soul-ridden rant. Here’s the almost two-minute monologue by Mama Pope (played by Khandi Alexander).

The monologue really resonated with viewers. Here are just some of the reactions to what’s known simply as Mama Pope’s Rant:

Like Maya, I bet that you really want to gather an audience and express your frustration, unfiltered, over being there for everyone all the time…

But unlike Mama Pope, you’re not starring on an award-winning television show. You’re not going to get an award if you go on a rant. No one is going to write articles saying that your words were refreshing.

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In a World Starved for Love, Kindness Is Mistaken As Fliration

I love hearing people’s stories.

Their lives lived are a source of entertainment, wonderment, and lessons learned. When I meet someone new, I act like a biographer seeking new discoveries through every conversation I have.

Each person is an example of living history and I’m eager to open their book and read their pages.

Little did I know that some people have no one who’s interested in them…

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How I Answer the Troubling & Vexing Question of “Who Is Your #RoleModel”

I’ve struggled with answering these questions:

  • “Who’s inspires you?”
  • “Who is your role model?”
  • “Who do you look up to?”

People don’t inspire me…

They’re inherently flawed (including me). I don’t worship celebrity culture. In fact, if you ask me if I have a favourite celebrity, it’d take me a long time to answer.

Recently, I became clear that my inspiration comes from, not who, but what

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Getting Inappropriate Comments on Instagram? Here’s What You Can Do

I’ve stopped using both Twitter and Periscope because they do not do enough to make using their services enjoyable to use.

Instagram, a younger entry in the social media family, helps its users flag inappropriate comments…

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The #DIY Guide to Creating Your Own #VideoMeme (The One With the Black Lines at the Top and Bottom)

It’s inevitable.

Do something for a bit, then people want to know how you do it. I don’t blame them. I was in that position myself not too long ago.

After searching high and low, I finally found the tools needed to create video memes for myself.

You know what I’m talking about, right? 

It’s those videos that have the black bar at the top and bottom with the video playing in the middle. There’s usually a short headline in white text which is clever enough to make you want to hear the contents of the video.

For a month now, I’ve shared a 45-second video clip (or less) through my social media channels every weekday. On Instagram, my video views went from 25-30 views to now nearing 100 views per video.

Not bad, eh?

So here it is…my do-it-yourself guide to creating your very own video meme (or meme video, not sure what it’s called)…

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#GenX: We’ve Been Ignored, But No One Can Ignore Our #Innovation in #Tech

Generation X didn’t invent the Web, but it largely built the damn thing. Generation X gave you Google and Twitter and blogging. Not that it gets any credit.” – Mat Honan

Generation X, or GenX for short, are between 36-52 years old in 2017 (or 33-56, depending on the demographer). It is the smallest cohort stuck between the Boomers and the cohort they sired, the Millennials.

GenX has been ignored over the past 20-25 years…

No, we’re not okay. We’re groaning under the weight of expectations we didn’t sign up for, like living with mom and/or dad while also taking care of financially-dependent children. Or, working in jobs that hold no meaning. Or, watching as the media fawns over the aging Boomers and the exciting Millennials.

Despite that, there’s one thing no one can ignore – our innovation in tech…

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6 Questions to Ask Before Appearing as a Guest on a Brand New, Yet-to-be-Launched Podcast

Have some criteria. Nothing wrong with that. Talking to no audience is like being a street entertainer on a back alley…no traffic, no ears, no purpose.

That’s what a colleague said to me after I shared my nervousness about appearing on a new podcast.

I received an invitation to be a guest on a yet-to-be-launched podcast. While I love sharing my story, I also need to protect my time and brand.

And here’s the reason why…

I’ve had some weird situations happen with newbie podcasters…

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#VirtualSummitProducer: Why I Have More Fun Managing, and Not Teaching, Telesummits, Virtual Events, Video Summits

I hosted and produced my very first telesummit in 2008.

Thirty-six speakers over eight days. It was massive. I also earned just below $20,000 in registration fees and added 5,000 emails to my list. I hosted the event again in 2009 and 2010.

Then, in 2010, I helped my first client with his very first telesummit…

When we met, he told me he had been thinking of hosting a virtual summit for quite some time – he just couldn’t be bothered with all the particulars in launching one.

Soon, other virtual summit clients came knocking…

I was producing at least 10 virtual summits per year. Choice Magazine called me the “Go to Person for Virtual Event Know How.”

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What a Scene From #HiddenFigures Can Teach Us About #Automation #Disruption and Staying #Employable

There is a scene in the film, Hidden Figures, where Dorothy Vaughan, played by Octavia Spencer, finds out that her team of female mathematicians, who calculate formulas by hand using paper and pencil to help NASA join the space race, will be replaced by a computer.

Vaughn walks by a room where the new computer has been installed…

She enters and eyes the massive machine suspiciously. She knows her job, and the jobs of all the female mathematicians who report to her will be lost after John Glenn, the first American NASA launched into orbit, returns to earth.

She does the only thing she can do – learn the programming language of the massive machine so she can save her job…

Vaughan heads to a segregated library and permanently borrows a book called FORTRAN, and studies it. As she opens the book, she reads a sentence to her sons:

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4 Reasons Why Posing With Unpopular Politicians Is a Good Thing (#HBCU and President #Trump)

Why do we stand, smile, and take pictures with unpopular politicians?

A photo came out featuring a few dozen officials and educators of historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) standing in the Oval Office with President Donald Trump.

All were smiling for the camera with one of America’s most polarizing president…

The feedback on social media has been none too kind, wondering why any Black person would ever want to meet with a man who has used racism (among other isms) to become the 45th president of the United States.

I, too, recently had the chance to take a picture with an unpopular politician…

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