Innovation Myth #4 – “I Don’t Have Any Original Ideas”

No idea is original. None. Whatever you’re thinking of, someone else is also thinking of it.

Inventions are original ideas. Think the lightbulb, the disposable razor, and the game of basketball.

But we’re not talking about inventions…

We’re talking about innovation. Innovation is the improvement of original ideas. And you, me, those in the back, in the middle, and in the front all have the same ideas.

Let me illustrate…

In 2004, I had a “rent your home’s parking spot” idea…

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Innovation Myth #3 – “Only White People, Millennials, or Rich Folks Can Innovate”

Some think that innovation can only be initiated by those who have the privilege to do so. If you’re white, or young, or rich, then you have the advantage to be a disrupter.

Think about it…

Who founded Facebook? A young white man. Who founded Apple or Microsoft? Young white men. Think of any great innovation and chances are, the person behind the idea is white, or young, or (perceived to be) wealthy.

You can’t blame people for thinking this way…

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Innovation Myth #1 – “I Need a Lot of Money to Innovate”

One myth that some have around innovation is that it takes a lot of start-up capital to implement a winning idea.

Yes, you will need to spend some money…

Whether it’s $10 to buy a domain name, $1,500 for a website, or $10,000 to build a native app, you will have to spend something to bring your idea to life.

Too often, we try to use our own money to fund our ideas…

We do for a number of reasons:

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These Books Will Help You Think Like a Futurist

I fully believe that when individuals take personal responsibility, good things happen. If choice is a divinely-inspired concept, then we must exercise that choice in all that we do.

Yes, we should follow some guidelines…

Otherwise there would be anarchy and chaos. But as we’ve recently seen with the election of a new American president, sometimes, breaking the rules will get you everything you want.

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[RIP] Bob Goyetche, Canadian Podcasting Pioneer & Community-Builder

I found out that Bob Goyetche passed away suddenly on November 10, 2016.

But back when podcasting got started, Bob was one of the early adopters. He didn’t just adopt it – he was the voice who advocated on behalf of Canadian podcasters.

He was passionate about podcasting, but even more passionate about Canadians who were podcasting…

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Why Historical Patterns – Not Polls – Would Have Been a Better Predictor of a Trump Win

In his book called The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements, Eric Hoffer talks about how movements are birthed and how they amass supporters1.

After reading it, I began to understand why Mussolini, Hitler, Trump, and others like them rise to power…

Hatred, imitation, persuasion, coercion, suspicion, and a call to action are factors that unify people in an emerging movement.

Make no mistake – Donald Trump is an elite. He’s the very thing that his supporters felt was ruining their chance at financial success. Yet, Trump was able to put his perceived wealth on the back burner by using the unifying agents above to fire up a disenfranchised and angry base.

And that was Trump’s secret sauce; speaking to a shared identity…

I made the wrong prediction regarding the 2016 United States presidential election. I followed polls instead of historical patterns.

I won’t ever make that mistake again…

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When Ideologies Divide, It’s Time for Reconciliation, Not Reconstruction

Ideology is the thing that divides the American people.

Some countries go to war over land. Others go to war over resources. When America goes to war, it’s to protect its ideology. Because to Americans, their lifestyle is reflected by what they believe. And these values must be protected at all cost.

Let’s take a look back:

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Why Planning for 2017 Digital Marketing Trends Is Already Too Late

At this time of year, consultants, journalists, and authors start their marketing, technology, and consumer predictions for the upcoming year. You’ll start seeing 2017 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch.

The reason why so many focus on the next 12-months is because they’re preparing their budgets to finance whatever trends need to be implemented.

But if you’re trying to implement next year’s trends now, you’re late; here’s why…

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