The Multiple Ways Overgiving Shows Up In Your Coaching or Consulting Business


In my last post, I shared why the trait of overgiving is so dangerous to female business owners.

I should know…I’m a recovering overgiver myself.

It took a really great coach, some hard learned lessons and alot of self-discovery to kick the need to overgive.

Knowing WHAT overgiving is brings awareness, but understanding the root of overgiving opens a whole new door.

In this week’s teaching, I share what’s at the root of overgiving.

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Why Overgiving Is So Dangerous to Your Clients, Cashflow & Confidence


In my work helping clients reframe sales, I’ve come to understand that there’s one thing holding them back.

No, it’s not the money.

No, it’s not a bad sales experience.

It’s not even fear.

The reason why so many of my clients tend to do poorly at sales is because of their need to overgive.

Yes, overgiving is the culprit…

Most of my clients tend to want to help and heal, but they don’t know when to stop giving. They overgive to the point where they overwhelm.

As a recovering overgiver myself, I totally understand…

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Discovery Session Secrets: Who Contacts Who On the Day of the Session?


So, the prospect has booked a spot in your calendar for a discovery session. You now have a lead that has become a prospect.


On the day and time of the meeting, you call the prospect or you drive to their office to meet.


There are two reasons why the prospect needs to contact you (and not the other way around). I explain these two reasons in this week’s teaching video. If you want to woo and not pursue, you can’t ignore this advice.

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Trying to Uncover the Prospect’s Pain Is the Wrong Approach


Well meaning sales coaches will say:

“You need to figure out what’s keeping your prospect up at 3am. Target that pain with a solution and you’ll make money.”


“Your prospect is trying to get from pain island to pleasure island and you’re the only one with the boat who can take them there.”

I find these clichés rather silly…

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This Silent Sales Tactic Can Help You Get to Yes Every Time


I don’t venture into Starbucks too often. Their decaf is a bit too bitter for my liking. Plus, I get all confused with the words “venti” and “grande.”

Can’t I just get a medium decaf pretty please?

Well, a few days ago, I went to Starbucks to meet with a friend.

My experience with the Starbucks brand changed because of Kyle…

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Why They’re Unsubscribing


I heard a complaint from a client recently. She was frustrated that every time she sent an email to her list, she’d get a dozen or so unsubscribing. “What am I doing wrong?” she moaned.

It’s not the method that’s wrong…

In other words, sending emails isn’t the issue. Businesses such as Help a Reporter Out have a consistent open rate of 75% to 80%. So, email still works.

What’s missing is this…

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Why Charging What You’re Worth Is a Complete Lie


I have a very strong opinion regarding the term charge what you’re worth.

It’s a lie.

Let me explain…

Women tend to devalue their skills, experience and expertise. This lack of self-worth is reflected in their pricing.

That’s why some money coaches will encourage their clients to “charge what you’re worth” in an effort to help them become more confident about their value.

However, our worth and significance can never be valued by money…

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2 Mistakes Most Coaches Make In Their Strategy Sessions That Cause Them to Lose the Sale


I love using strategy session to connect with people on my list and with those who I meet through places where I speak.

Otherwise known as discovery session, free consultations, breakthrough sessions and exploratory sessions, the goal of the strategy session is to use the power of conversations to lead the person to the sale.

But too many coaches miss out on this…

There are two costly mistakes that coaches are making in their strategy sessions that are discouraging people from enrolling in their programs.

I made these two mistakes very early in my business and I scared people away from me.

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The 2-Words to Use When a Client or Vendor Breaks a Promise

2015-03-05 12.23.08

A few years ago, I reached out to a colleague who offered a service I needed for one of my clients. I emailed my colleague, he was away at an event, but asked that I fill out a creative brief.

It was 5 long pages…

I mumbled as I printed off the document, filled in the pages, and then sent it back to him by (get this) FAX! But because I respected his work – and because I really needed to outsource the task – I honoured his process.

He responded within minutes…

My colleague was at a conference, but said he would get back to me with pricing on Monday. Well, 3-days, turned into 2-weeks, and I still didn’t hear from him. So, I ended up having to do the task myself.

Oh, I was bitter…

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How to Handle Strategy Session No Shows


The way I fill my programs is through strategy sessions. Otherwise known as discovery sessions, free consultations or makeovers, strategy sessions are a wonderful way to get to know the person who is interested in working with you.

One of the frustrating things to deal with are those who do not show up…

You put aside some time to meet with the person or over the phone or face-to-face over coffee. You gas up the car, block the required time in your calendar and put off doing other tasks so you can focus on the person.

You show up or wait for the call and they don’t show up…

How irritating!

But there’s a way to respond so you’re not chasing the no show or getting angry that they wasted your time. I share the exact script in the video below.

This is a spirit-rich and faith-driven response that helps you conserve your energy and stay in utter peace.

Listen – it’s rather unattractive for women to chase. Watch the video as it contains a script on what to do so you woo and not pursue.

What say you?

Share your reaction and comments below.

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