Why Charging What You’re Worth Is a Complete Lie


I have a very strong opinion regarding the term charge what you’re worth.

It’s a lie.

Let me explain…

Women tend to devalue their skills, experience and expertise. This lack of self-worth is reflected in their pricing.

That’s why some money coaches will encourage their clients to “charge what you’re worth” in an effort to help them become more confident about their value.

However, our worth and significance can never be valued by money…

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2 Mistakes Most Coaches Make In Their Strategy Sessions That Cause Them to Lose the Sale


I love using strategy session to connect with people on my list and with those who I meet through places where I speak.

Otherwise known as discovery session, free consultations, breakthrough sessions and exploratory sessions, the goal of the strategy session is to use the power of conversations to lead the person to the sale.

But too many coaches miss out on this…

There are two costly mistakes that coaches are making in their strategy sessions that are discouraging people from enrolling in their programs.

I made these two mistakes very early in my business and I scared people away from me.

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The 2-Words to Use When a Client or Vendor Breaks a Promise

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A few years ago, I reached out to a colleague who offered a service I needed for one of my clients. I emailed my colleague, he was away at an event, but asked that I fill out a creative brief.

It was 5 long pages…

I mumbled as I printed off the document, filled in the pages, and then sent it back to him by (get this) FAX! But because I respected his work – and because I really needed to outsource the task – I honoured his process.

He responded within minutes…

My colleague was at a conference, but said he would get back to me with pricing on Monday. Well, 3-days, turned into 2-weeks, and I still didn’t hear from him. So, I ended up having to do the task myself.

Oh, I was bitter…

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How to Handle Strategy Session No Shows


The way I fill my programs is through strategy sessions. Otherwise known as discovery sessions, free consultations or makeovers, strategy sessions are a wonderful way to get to know the person who is interested in working with you.

One of the frustrating things to deal with are those who do not show up…

You put aside some time to meet with the person or over the phone or face-to-face over coffee. You gas up the car, block the required time in your calendar and put off doing other tasks so you can focus on the person.

You show up or wait for the call and they don’t show up…

How irritating!

But there’s a way to respond so you’re not chasing the no show or getting angry that they wasted your time. I share the exact script in the video below.

This is a spirit-rich and faith-driven response that helps you conserve your energy and stay in utter peace.

Listen – it’s rather unattractive for women to chase. Watch the video as it contains a script on what to do so you woo and not pursue.

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Where Do You Fall On Your Client’s Love/Respect Axis?


As part of my research for my upcoming webinar called What’s Broken With List Building & Why Those On Your List Aren’t Buying, I came across a beautiful diagram.

It’s called the Love/Respect Axis…

It was developed by Kevin Roberts, who authored a book called Lovemarks. Roberts used the Love/Respect Axis to describe how any brand can build loyalty with their consumers.

This advice also applies to coaches & consultants…

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Want to Learn Which List Building Tactics Are Outdated & Broken?

You did an online product launch and only 2 people enrolled in your offer. Or, maybe you hosted a telesummit or online giveaway and out of 20 speakers, only 3 promoted the event to their list. Or, you’re trying to build your list and despite your awesome giveaway, only 3 or 4 people sign up – per month!

The current model is broken…

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The Fun Way to Use Playing Cards To Help You Manage Expenses


I’m no financial planner, but I’ve found a fun way to manage my expenses without using the dreaded spreadsheet. I call this the Money Card Shuffle and I actually look forward to balancing the books every month using this clever game.

Here’s what you’ll need…

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The #1 Thing That Will Sabotage Your Money Goals

In this new season, you may have created bold money goals for your business. However, if you want to create consistent cashflow, one that flows not based on your mood, but based on your conversations, you need to tackle this one thing.

This will sabotage your money goals…

Watch the video below to find out what “THIS” is and how you can finally breakthrough and experience your personal money leap.

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The Problem With Vision Boards (And What Coaches & Consultants Must Do Instead)

Are you putting together a vision board in this new season to help you visualize your dreams? Whether you’re celebrating a new year or a new season, you may be using a vision board to help you make new business goals.

For most business owners, they do nothing with a vision board after they create it. That’s why if you’re a coach or consultant, you need to take an additional step to make that vision come true.

Check out the video below…

In this video, I show you how to use the Income Alignment Method to help you bring your vision board to life.

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Why Are You So Stubborn and Prideful?


The other night, my niece and I enjoyed a girls’ night in as her parents (my sister & brother-in-law) went on their first date night to see Stevie Wonder in concert.

It wasn’t easy to get her to fall asleep…

Her bedtime was at 7:30pm, but she cried and cried and cried. I finally put her in the car and drove her around town for 40-minutes while playing her favourite CD.

She was out like a light.

By the time I returned back to my sister and brother-in-law’s home, my niece was more than ready to fall asleep in her bed.

She’s my “Why.”

  • Why do I remain self-employed when some months make me want to scream?
  • Why do I sacrifice getting some of the things I truly want (not need) so I can continue to operate my own business?
  • Why do I invest in a coach even though at times I wish I could re-direct that money to a pair of new winter boots?
  • Why do I get up early to read blogs posts, meet with my virtual team and prepare content for the week?


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