The 2-Words to Use When a Client or Vendor Breaks a Promise

A few years ago, I reached out to a colleague who offered a service I needed for one of my clients. I emailed my colleague, he was away at an event, but asked that I fill out a creative brief. It was 5 long pages... I mumbled as I printed off the document, filled in the pages, and then [more]

How to Handle Strategy Session No Shows

The way I fill my programs is through strategy sessions. Otherwise known as discovery sessions, free consultations or makeovers, strategy sessions are a wonderful way to get to know the person who is interested in working with you. One of the frustrating things to deal with are those who do not show up... You put aside some time to [more]

Where Do You Fall On Your Client's Love/Respect Axis?

As part of my research for my upcoming webinar called What's Broken With List Building & Why Those On Your List Aren't Buying, I came across a beautiful diagram. It's called the Love/Respect Axis... It was developed by Kevin Roberts, who authored a book called Lovemarks. Roberts used the Love/Respect Axis to describe how any brand can build loyalty [more]

Want to Learn Which List Building Tactics Are Outdated & Broken?

You did an online product launch and only 2 people enrolled in your offer. Or, maybe you hosted a telesummit or online giveaway and out of 20 speakers, only 3 promoted the event to their list. Or, you're trying to build your list and despite your awesome giveaway, only 3 or 4 people sign up [more]

The Fun Way to Use Playing Cards To Help You Manage Expenses

I'm no financial planner, but I've found a fun way to manage my expenses without using the dreaded spreadsheet. I call this the Money Card Shuffle and I actually look forward to balancing the books every month using this clever game. Here's what you'll need... A deck of playing cards A dozen white envelopes A marker or pen And you'll [more]

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