The Fun Way to Use Playing Cards To Help You Manage Expenses

I'm no financial planner, but I've found a fun way to manage my expenses without using the dreaded spreadsheet. I call this the Money Card Shuffle and I actually look forward to balancing the books every month using this clever game. Here's what you'll need... A deck of playing cards A dozen white envelopes A marker or pen And you'll [more]

The #1 Thing That Will Sabotage Your Money Goals

In this new season, you may have created bold money goals for your business. However, if you want to create consistent cashflow, one that flows not based on your mood, but based on your conversations, you need to tackle this one thing. This will sabotage your money goals... Watch the video below to find out what "THIS" [more]

The Problem With Vision Boards (And What Coaches & Consultants Must Do Instead)

Are you putting together a vision board in this new season to help you visualize your dreams? Whether you're celebrating a new year or a new season, you may be using a vision board to help you make new business goals. For most business owners, they do nothing with a vision board after they create it. [more]

Why Are You So Stubborn and Prideful?

The other night, my niece and I enjoyed a girls' night in as her parents (my sister & brother-in-law) went on their first date night to see Stevie Wonder in concert. It wasn't easy to get her to fall asleep... Her bedtime was at 7:30pm, but she cried and cried and cried. I finally put her in the [more]

The "I" Word That's Killing Your Cashflow

Recently, I asked those on my list to fill out an application to secure one of a few spots to speak with me over the phone about their cashflow challenges. As I poured through the applications, there were some really heart-breaking stories. Some are experiencing chronic unemployment, others are living paycheck to paycheck and still others [more]

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