3 Things That Block Your Financial Overflow - October 18th

An unexpected increase in money is called overflow. Many lose the overflow as quickly as they get it. However, if you treat the overflow as a replacement god, you'll suffer. On this week's Seek Him First Saturday phone event, I continue the 3-part series called Unleash the Overflow. I'll share the 3 things that block your financial overflow [more]

Here's One of 5 Top of Mind Problems Your Kindle Book Must Solve

There's a simple reason why authors don't sell more of their books. They're boring. In other words, the book that's written does not focus on one of the 5 top of mind problems. If you're stuck wondering what to write about, this is your answer... People don't care about your winning smile or fancy college degree(s). You [more]

I'm Publishing My Sixth Book Through Kindle - And You're Invited to Watch

I always thought I was a horrible writer. In fact, I would loudly proclaim that I'm not a writer and I actually stink at it. That's until I got my first book contract. I very quickly changed my tune... With an aggressive deadline and a cash advance, I pulled up my socks and produced almost 50,000 words [more]

Here’s One of the 5 Books You Can Publish Through Kindle

If you're a coach, consultant, speaker or ministry leader, there are 5 types of non-fiction books you can publish through Kindle that will help boost your business. Here is one of the formats... QUOTES or SCRIPTURES BOOK With this format, you would: Pick one of your favourite quotes or scriptures Write a short interpretation Then end with an action step, prayer, affirmation or words of meditation To [more]

How Publishing a Book on Kindle Helps Female Business Owners Avoid the "Lipgloss Factor"

There's an irritating practice I see female business owners do when they come across a prospect who cannot pay their coaching, speaking or consulting fees. I call this the "lipgloss factor"... Here's what I mean... If a prospect cannot pay your fees, what most female business owners do is rescue the prospect by offering to barter their services. "You give me some website design work and I'll [more]

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