What You Can Ask at a Networking Event Instead of "So What Do You Do?"

"I am a mischievous, curious storyteller who illuminates stories in a fun, playful and emotional way so I can shine and bring joy to the world." That's how I answer the question, "So, what do you do?" My answer often leaves people pondering or confused. "I'm sorry, what?" they'll ask. And I'll simply repeat it. Which then [more]

I Tried Adult Colouring Books & I Hate Them

About a year ago, I started seeing a new trend. Adult colouring books! At first, I thought they were, well, you know, "adult" colouring books. Like, in terms of A LOT of skin and birthday suits. But I've been educated! I bought my first adult colouring book last summer. I then bought a whole bunch of markers. [more]

Daddyless Daughters: How Daddy's Reaction to Your Pain Shows Up in How You Talk About Money

When you were hurting or if you asked for help, how did your dad react? Did he respond with love and empathy? Or, did he respond by dismissing your feelings? Did he shout at you out of frustration? Did he call you names for not having thick skin? Or, maybe dad didn't respond at all [more]

How I Survived the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox (Includes Meal Plan)

In late October, a picture of me was posted on Facebook. I had emceed my friend's celebration event and my other friend, Emmanuel Lopez, caught a photo of me from the side. My arms looked meaty... I hated how I looked. So, that's when I knew I had to do something about my growing weight. Part of the weight gain [more]

Pictures of Some Greater Toronto Area Vacant Target Locations

I've been fascinated by the demise of retail and brands. None has arrested my attention more than the collapse of Target in Canada. It's an iconic brand south of the border... In the United States, Target is thriving. Many Canadians cross the border to shop at what's colloquially known as tar-jhay. So when it was announced that Target [more]

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