The High Cost of Low Prices (Lessons from a Millionaire Coach)

I have the privilege of working with clients who are multiple six figure and seven figure earners. Last night, I had the chance to hang out with one of my favorite clients. He and I have worked together since 2009 and I've seen how his business has grown in that time. He was bringing me up [more]

4 Ways to Get Credit If You Don't Own a Credit Card

A client asked me this question just the other day: "Leesa, how can I buy things online if I don't own a credit card?" There are actually 4 ways you can access "credit" if you don't own a credit card and I share them in the audio message below. Click on the play button to hear these 4 [more]

Join Us for Seek Him First Saturday – April 19th

Join me and my team of Unleash Prayer Intercessor for Seek Him First Saturday, a live prayer and devotion, held over the phone, to help you become faithfully and financially rich. We get started at 8am Eastern on April 19th... Call the following number, then enter the access code at 8am Eastern on April 19, 2014 – [more]

The 7 Things I Learned About Money While Watching Judge Judy (Part 2)

I don't watch much television, but I cannot miss my girl, Judge Judy. She's brash, sassy and wise - and I love how she puts people in their place with some choice words. After watching Judge Judy for...oh, I don't know...several years, I've come to understand, through her rulings, how she would manage money. It's these [more]

Why Being Rich In Relationships Is a Key to Wealth (a 90+ Year Friendship)

Steve Harvey featured two women on his show. They happen to be best friends and their friendship started when they were six-years old (they're both over 100). Steve asked them to comment on a pop culture and you'll die laughing at their [more]

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